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Standard Beer Dispense System Shut Down Process

Please see the following instructions for an industry wide approved process for shutting down a standard dispense system safely for a temporary period. To ensure product lines and dispense equipment are not compromised, this document provides a step by step guide on shutting the system down and how to resume service once your outlet reopens.

Re-opening Process

Important - these instructions should be followed around 48hrs before re-opening. This will help ensure that your kegs have the chance to cool down to an appropriate temperature for best dispense quality.

Dispense system close down process

If you are planning to close your outlet for more than 7 days please follow this procedure to close down the dispense system and protect the dispense equipment. This process allows protection for up to 6 months.

Why do I need to do this?

As we are seeing large numbers of draught dispense outlets having to close we need to ensure the systems are protected so that when your outlet can re-open, you are able to serve great quality beer as soon as possible.

Failing to properly close down the system can cause irrevocable damage to the system and render it unusable. This will result in costly, time consuming work to replace the equipment which will cause delay your outlet re-opening. Also, by turning off cellar cooling and beer coolers you will save money while closed.

Closedown Process

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